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“Older siblings have it worst”, reflected Monday gloomily, staring at his Twitter account. He had only 6 followers : his siblings. Even boring Tuesday had more followers than him!

The youngest, Sunday, obviously had the most, with Saturday not far behind. “Humans are weird”, thought Monday, “they always prefer endings to beginnings.”

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He thought he could live without her. She thought she would survive. The small memories haunted. The big losses. The empty room. The half hearted admonishments whenever he was late. The taste of their last meal together. The words last spoken. The measure of losing someone you love.

P.S- This is to someone who lost a special someone. For all its worth, I promise that he will be well take care of…always. May her soul rest in peace.  You will be remembered always….
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Eternal Wait

The wait is long, too long especially when it gets closer. You keep waiting for it to happen all the time & once it actually does, it gets over even before you realize. In a way, a weekend is so much like those relationships. Happiness that is shortlived  and cravings that are eternal.

Happy Weekend!!!!

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Queen of Hearts

Fairytale wedding it was of the century. Heir to the throne marries the beautiful 18year old girl. What killed the romance? The return of his ex-girlfriend or her unreal expectations? The truth crashed in the tunnel chased by the paparazzi. He remains the heir. She has long since been canonized ‘The Queen of Hearts’.

P.S- A tribute to Princess Diana- may you remain in our hearts forever and a day.

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He lights up a cigarette.Inhales slowly. The smoke reaches deep inside him,every nook and corner. It unearths and unwraps: Father’s bashings, mother’s hopes, bitter promises, pointed regrets, sleepy dreams and unpolished genius. An exhale.The puff carries away all those thoughts and horrible memories.  An escape it was, at first and then a habit it became.

P.S- This one is for an old friend who not only refuses to give up the habit of smoking but advocates it too!!

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At First Sight

My heart skipped a beat or two when I first saw you.
Your very presence brought a smile.
I wondered how you had gotten here and who could have conspired to get you here to me.
I was curious and happy, mixed emotions.
Your father felt the same way, he told me so!

P.S-(For someone who bought a ray of hope to many people right from the minute she was born. To Lilian)

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She was on her first vacation when they met first. They ate, drank, travelled and eventually slept together. The next week, she left for home without any promises of another meeting, disappointing him. “How was your vacation” her husband asked as she unpacked. “A journey into an alternate universe” she replied with a mysterious smile.