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Happy birthday. Happy, Really?!?!

Warning: I am in an extremely cynical mood today!

People are right when they say that birthdays after 25 are never a happy thing. I don’t want anything to do with my birthday this year. I don’t want the cake and candles, the flowers and the phone calls. I don’t want a guest list or the gifts. I love being in the spotlight, but I do not want the attention this time. Does it sound totally ridiculous to not want a birthday at all – just this year?!

What will my birthday cake be like – chocolate truffle or gooey chocolate or whatever? Do I really care except for their calorie count? What will I wear on my birthday. So many silly celebrations later, do I really care? What do I want this birthday? If you can’t think, why should I?

Maybe, it has something to do with growing up and realising that your birthday is just another day in the calendar. Maybe, it’s because I’m feeling fat. Maybe, it has nothing to do with any of this. Maybe, it’s the fuss that I’m fretting over. Maybe I don’t want people to make a big deal about the day I was born because these people don’t remember me on other, more important days of the year. Maybe, I’m just not in the mood.Maybe its because a few people who were around on my bday last year will not be around this year. Maybe its coz  i am pretty sure that by my next bday, I’ll no longer be single. Maybe these are what they call birthday blues. So why can’t I postpone my birthday this year?

P.S- Maybe I am in this bad mood today and might feel totally opposite tomorrow. So in case you do plan to  make my birthday special,  don’t back out! Get at it!

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One year n Many changes

From the day I turned 24 last year,

the friends at the Birthday table have changed.

One of them from the previous table is becoming a mom.

I traveled to quite a number of tourist spots.

The one great love, i figured is super scared of commitment and still is.

I gave Bangalore a whirl, made a mess and came back to God’s own country.

I moved on in life,leaving some people( who dont even realise am gone) behind.

I met a long lost friend and made a vow never to lose him again.

I made some good friends at work

I seem to have less interest in facebook.

I have learnt to cook without burning anything.

I wear skirts and shorts without fear of recrimination or eve teasing.

I have started saving money!!

I am beginning to see the goodness in churidars, sarees and kurtis.

I found a strong support system.

My new nail polish of choice is pink.

Three of the people I thought would always stay married is still married 🙂

I rediscovered my love for singing.

And discovered my leadership skills.

I am now on highly civil behavior even with the people i hate the most

I have started reading like there is no tomorrow.

And it can only get better from here…..

Happy Birthday to me 🙂

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Happy Birthday to me

So how does turning 25 feel, well for the first time ever I feel I AM GROWING OLD !! I ve always been this really enthusiastic kinda girl about birthdays and stuff and never looked at it as “Oh, I’m a year older !!!!” Look I think its got to do with the fact that I beleive my generation will have a maximum life span of 50 🙂
I remember my close friend and room mate from hostel :) !Her birthdays would be something she never really looked forward too because they reminded her that she is growing older. She would sit in front of the mirror and keep saying the same thing Maaaaaaaad, I m growing older !! sigh!” and  I would watch her and laugh and laugh and say YOU ARE MAD  !!!
 wish she was here with me today and I could tell her how I feel about turning 25 !! It feels a little strange, as though 25 is like a huge huge number !! But anyway as I reflect all I can say is that I’ve had good times and bad times but I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for these 25 years that I have lived !!
A wonderful family, that loves me so dearly.YOU ROCK !!
A great set of friends, who have been by me always, through the highs and the lows- thank you all
A secure job- one that is fun too :)
Food to eat, every single day!
Thank you God for the joys that you give, thank you for helping see the beauty in the many small things and for making me believe again that YOU LOVE ME !! As I turn a year older now,I pray that
….I would still be in love with the many small things – a whiff of fresh air, a good cup of coffee, a downpour, a book and a warm quilt
….That mindless laughter sessions would never die
….I would travel more,  a lot more , lot lot lot more !!!
…. My dad sees some sense that I am still young and immature and not at all ready to become marriage material!
….I continue to do good for others and not let anyone who has trust and faith in me,down.
….. I get the courage to fight the challenges n hurdles in my life.
…..I get the will to fight against my body, resist temptation and become thin!
…..I continue to be a good hearted soul!
Happy Birthday to me 🙂