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Life on the other side

One of my besties told me recently that this is the most “settled” I have sounded in a long, long time. Of course it is. It’s nice to feel the way I am these days. It’s a nice kind of certainty., if you know what I mean!An amazing feeling of comfort, of happiness, of being taken care. And it’s amazing to feel this way and know that a lot of people you really care for feel this way too, weird anti-marriage campaigners who don’t quite know a good time to “express their views”, not withstanding. It’s easy to be scared, because this is unknown territory. But is it, really? And to add to it is the conviction that it’s good. The Law Of Attraction at its very best!

A lot of my older blogs have started on an amazingly positive note and have gone down the drain as “catharsis” but this time around I have a feeling that this will stay, thanks to 26 years of existence and some learning I have done in the last few.

Yes, it feels good to let go… To give in. And when the practical thing to do (in this case, give up your stupid warped ideas about marriage and relationships… LOL) also makes you amazingly happy and finds you a friend for life and it’s something you actually look forward to, you know you’re doing good.

Peaceful, easy feeling… That’s what it is.

I have moved to a land about 3000 km from where home was. Home is where the heart is and maybe thats why we have two sides to the heart. One half of my heart in Cochin and one half here in Dubai. I miss home and the comforts it held. My das, my besties, my places, my things and so much more that I cant write because then I’ll probably shed a tear or two. Dubai is a new city, a whole new world all together. The people, roads, places all confuse me. The husband is trying his best to make me fit in but some things you just have to learn by yourself. And so I have taken to walking and discovering the roads, places, culture and other things. Maybe if I take one step forward I might find a plae for myself in this new world. So for now, I’ll stop with the ramblings.I will hopefully get back to being regular as soon as my net is proper. Till then wish me luck.

Before I forget, I miss all of you on the other side of the world. Joey, Big Guy,  Anoop, Anju,Su,Nani,Mons, AC and my family. I have to stop writing.

 So far..So good.

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On the way to the other side

It’s been a crazy few weeks. 10 days to the wedding and I have never shopped like this in my entire life. First there’s manic shopping, then there is manic stitching. LOL! Had just so, so many realisations and unstructured thoughts that trying to get them into one structured piece of decent writing is next to impossible. So I will just go with the flow…

… I have been jobless for over 2 months and surprisingly not upbeat about it. It seems like a nice opportunity to do/ learn a lot of things that my manic work schedule and work life and low stamina didn’t let me. E.g. learn how to make the perfect three course meal or do the surya namaskar perfectly every morning and stay in the presidential suite of a star hotel. These were on my wishlist some time ago, and I am almost there 🙂

… Somewhere down the line, I forgot the concept of a “career”… It’s more like doing an odd job that’s lots of fun and pays decent money. All it takes is conviction. I like it this way 🙂

… Bright clothes aren’t necessarily stupid. The things I have bought in the last few weeks, I couldn’t have dreamt of owning some time back. Like that sea green saree for the reception or that extremely weird jewellery… Or that one terribly embellished pista green lehenga with patterns of white sequence OR that swimwear in pink and blue! And guess what, I am actually looking forward to wearin all that 😉

… Shoes are the most difficult thing to get!! Shop for them first.. Take whats comfortable for you. Never mind the price 🙂

… “Basic +” cooking is neither difficult nor boring. If one does it completely independently.

Cochin is awesome for wedding shopping. It really is! And then there is online shopping too 😉

… Shopping for your wedding trousseau can be a real stress buster!

… Yoga and running are the only interesting ways to lose weight. The claustrophobic gym and eating like a bird are not.

… I have been comfortable in my own skin for quite some time now. Gone are the days…

… I can be terribly judgemental if I am directly subjected to things that I am judgemental about. LOL! Confused? 😛

… They may say that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But it no longer makes sense to me. Everyone likes to show sympathy/ give gyaan/ or generally be on your side when you are down and out. But those friends that are happy for you when you get used to being happy, either in spite or because of the way things are, are the only ones worth keeping.

… People’s negativity is generally a direct outcome of their own minus points/ insecurities. But that doesn’t mean I have to take it. I don’t. I wont.

… I am now a little difficult to work for/ with. Ask the card printer guy and the tailors across the length and breadth of the city… But then again, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do 😛

… Ro has unbelievable patience with me and the amount of cribbing I am capable of. But every time he starts cribbing about the rent for apartments in DXB, or food, or job cringe in the gulf (LOL) during one of those phone conversations, I realise I have enough patience too. Or maybe it’s just his way to keep me from cribbing. I guess that’s what equal relationships are all about 😉

… Joey what would I have done without you! Thank you for all the things. The company while shopping, the pep talks n everythin! You are a god sent. Kiran, you come second. But thats because you are her husband eh! But seriously, thanks for driving us around and waiting while we girls shopped to glory. You are a sweetheart! Deeps you are me. Thanks for the support. I love you till the end. You’ll always be me. Div, you are busy but I still love you. Ol Woman, thanks for those lovely cards!!!Psycho, thanks for following me to DXB. 😉 Anoop n Anju, you guys are my daily boosts of energy. Shaun, thanks for the love across the miles and Big B, I;d have gotten you a shirt if you were around….thank you for the courage you give me whenever I am low n out. Last but never the least…the quintessential cousins…Su, naani, mons, AC, my MNM you guys are gods gifts!!

… There’s a strange kind of contrast in my world these days. At home, there’s always noise… Das n my aunts have all turned into a peon/clerk type and carries a list of things/ names and a pen with them almost constantly. The phone rings almost all the time… And there is generally a lot of converstaion happening around me all the time. At the same time, there’s a lull otherwise. TV is boring and twisted, any public place I I have been to in the last month and a half – malls, restaurants, –  are almost deserted.  There’s something that’s not totally right with the world right now. I don’t know for sure if this feeling is only metaphorical. I don’t know how to describe what I am saying so that someone reading this understands. But for a change, it’s ok.

I am pretty much done with shopping and stitching. LOL! It is soon going to be time for supreme pampering inside the house and monsoon of kerala outside and I am looking forward to it. What better way to prepare for a life-changing event than a place as laid back as Cochin. There’s a lot of travelling in the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be a crazier 45 days. I will see you on the other side I guess. The other side of this  26 year long phase of life 🙂

Till then, I am……..

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13 point something

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Things are moving pretty quick and its almost June. I don’t seem to get time to update anything or anyone. So, I decided to  take a pause and update on the happenings of the past few weeks.Thanks to a trillion changes,the renovation at home and all that, I have an average of two hours per day to do something on my own accord. And those two hours are spent in reading one page of a book, taking a bath, going to the loo, among other things. I owe this post to my blog (and the receding number of hits on the blog, I shamelessly admit :P), so here goes. My 13  point update

1. The house is being renovated to accomadate a room for me. Yes, now the brother n family has one room and I no longer have to be the refugee when they arrive for a few days. Das has his room to himself and he doesnt have to share it with me when summer comes( He has an AC in his room and I didnt. Now I will too). The kitchen is being done the way I always wanted it or atleast some parts of it. The lounge area is bigger and better and the whole house seems to be getting cooler than before!!

2. There are also days when I do get some extra time and that I make sure is well spent with the gals. Some random conversations with a few awesome women- happy, strong, spirited women who are different as chalk and cheese, and yet very similar….

3. Looking forward to that no strings attached trip to bengaluru. By no strings I mean, a trip with no work to think about, no deadline, no date that I have to get back to etc. The trip where I am allowed to shop , where everyone will be nice to me and stuff :). The only hitch being, the brother hasn’t yet told me where he has shifted to. I dont know their new address. 😛

4.  The other M got married. She is enjoying her new role and has fitted in quite smoothly. One of the D’s is expecting. I also have another Momma in the making amongst my gals. Sin is carrying her 2nd for 4 months now. Ms A is busy job hunting in Dubai and thats making her get into one of those grouchy moods.

5. The fact that in 12 working days, Ill be free from everything related to work keeps me going these days

6. Everyone seems to be telling me things these days. Thing related to making a house, duties of a wife/daughter in law/mother in the making(whenever it happens) / sister in law etc. They all seem to say the same thing in different ways. Control anger and be patient. Thats it. period.

7. Since I am serving notice period, I am pretty much free these days. So I am looking out for my replacements and also looking out for jobs for the man. I havent done job searching for anybody else for awhile now so it is a little difficult. I feel I dont have the urge and passion to do things like before. Haaa lets see. Time heals, hopefully.

8. I realised that ever since I moved back to Cochin, I have hated more people than I have liked. I haven’t always been like this. My intense dislike for a lot of people stemmed as much from their stupidity/ pretentse/ laziness as my own lack of work. Of late I haven’t had time to notice anyone’s shortcomings but my own and I want to keep it this way. It keeps me grounded, it keeps me happy.

9. The manic, man killing bus drivers(Red Killers) of Cochin. They are quite crazy, especially when you travel a 90 minute distance twice everyday. They want to fight every 5 minutes, and they actually provoke you to scream at them so that you are rude to them and they get an opportunity to scream back! How I wish I could get over my irrational fear of driving! I am being more than civil to all the bus drivers and auto drivers – they are so rude I am scared of them. The only time I get rude is when they fight for more money in spite of what is the fixed rate. I just quietly utter the words “police station” in my super polite argument. I am scared one day I will leave work and never reach home again. I get rid of some of the commuting stress by having a full fledged music fest for myself from the minute I step in. Thank God for portable music devicesand nice people who give well timed gifts, I have been a lot less scared of dying while commuting 😛 and I have discovered my love for music all over again. Like the good old days!

10. Ro and I no longer spend as much time talking as we used to.  The time difference, the lack of time, the job hunt and the tiredness of a day at work and stuff make it difficult for us to spend time with each other. And strangely, I miss him all the time! I hope it gets better when I quit and sit at home. Hopefully I can arrange my day according to his time n work.Why does life ALWAYS have trade offs?

11. The new family is great. Supportive and definitely the give-you-space kind. Thank god!

12. I still read. Even if it is a page a day. Ro says I cannot take my books to Dubai. The man doesnt realize that I will buy books from there and start another library there! I still sing. Even if it is only in the bathroom and the bus. I still spend time blogging. Even if it as the cost of my company. I still play and walk in the rain. Even if i know I will catch  a cold the next day. I still gym. Even if it is a torture to drag myself there everyday! Thank god that I have time atleast for all this.

13. I also have a lot of things in the head now. His job. Mine. A flat in dubai/sharjah that we have to put a finger on. Relocating to a totally new land!Leaving family n friends behind. Starting from scratch, again.  The weddings and births I’ll miss. The places that I’ll see. Or not see. New experiences and so much more.

So thats it. Thats my life in a nutshell. Shall keep you posted.

Till next time, take a pause, look around, get a hold of whats happening, smile and give time, time.

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Maybe not just another boy

So I wanted to write a series on this and I realised there really weren’t that many. Hehehehe… That said, now there is this name thats going around my house. Phone calls..messages…mails…chats all seem to be about one particular person. Ahem. Das seems to be busy answering calls, hurrying to reply to messages/mails etc. I’ll reserve the name for later :0.

Not that at this stage I have any confirmation. But somewhere maybe there is something in all this. Everything’s been happening quickly. Das’s friend(who is the nair boy’s uncle) called up to say they have sent a message on the matrimony page. Das checks the profile, asks me to check as well. I check, I like. Das takes it to local astroman. Astroman says no issues. Das again takes it to big astroman and he also confirms that this match is made in heaven(Blush is coming). Das calls up Nair boy’s Uncle and passes on info at the same time messaging on the matrimony page. The mad rush starts when they also say that the horoscopes have matched and the nair boy also like me(ooohhhh all pink pink). SO Das passes on mail id and number and I wait. I wait for an entire day and then he mails.So we get mailing and by evening we talk and by next day we ping( What would the world do without whats app).

Right, I cant get myself to write anymore at this point. So ill leave you with this….

Sooooooo there is this guy
but I’m afraid that if I’d say anything about him to you
you’d fall in love with him too.

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A bygone love story

I knew both of them as a kid. Him first and then he introduced me to her, years later. I liked her . He was atleast 14 years elder to her. But that didn’t count because they were comfortable with each other.

I knew them from a time I was convinced no boy and girl could be friends and just at that, to a time when I went about fighting for the cause of just-friends.

They were friends. Too. But there was more.

I didnt have anyone to talk to then, at that time. So I learnt to keep it to myself. Now, I know, So, I write.

A few years later, when I was older and I caught up with him, he told me about it. She was long gone. From Cochin. But she remained, a distant memory in my mind and a love worth waiting for, in his.

He would often talk about remember-whens and do-you-knows. I would always listen.

Then those anecdotes stopped.

To outdo her, he plunged into a fit of trying to love and be loved. He was lovable. If only he didn’t try so hard.

His heart was broken many a times, but he wondered about the ease with which he rebounded. But I knew, it was because it had never healed.

Many years and many loves later, she returned. To a country she had left. Or tried to.

That phone call was one he had waited for, without even realizing it. Feigning a nonchalance that didn’t suit him, he laughed, he pretended, he agreed to meet her.

And this is what he didn’t tell me. On how he would have tried to dress up for her. On how he would have trimmed his hair, beard and dabbed himself in the expensive perfume he had kept locked away in his cupboard. How he would have tried to leave a book casually on the table pretending to have been reading it instead of waiting by the window or even sitting simply in anticipation. How he would have stocked the fridge with something he thought she would have liked but would never even eat. On how he would have spent every minute the two hours agreed upon, in innumerable ways and not liked any of them…

And this is what he told me. While we walked a long walk. She didn’t come.

P.S- This is for a person who is special for me, a person who was often misunderstood. This is all I can give you…..bcoz I love you too much to see you hurt.

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Hotel Sagar- A review

Ask anyone in Calicut or anyone going to Calicut about Sagar and they will tell you it’s one of the most familiar names associated with Kozhikode aka Calicut! Hotel Sagar is also ranked at #3 in the To-Do at Calicut List in Lonely Planet.

So when they decided to open up a branch in Cochin it was imperative that we go there at the earliest. They had opened up three days ago and I had heard from quite a number of people that ‘Sagar’ had finally arrived. So off we went.

The branch at Cochin is a replica of the structure at Calicut.  Situated right opposite ‘The International’, it has an Air conditioned family hall and a non Air conditioned dining area. They have plans to open up the first floor once they are settled for good:). Well I went along with dad and three of our friends. I knew it had to be them that i went with coz they had been to ‘The Original’ and knew what to order!The restaurant is not open for Lunch though they do allow takeaways (only biriyani for lunch). Parking is spacious and they have valet parking too.

The ambiance is neat(till date) and the waiters are a real pleasant lot. They know how to deal with impatient and demanding customers with a smile so genuine that you will be forced to pay a tip and wait. Coming to the food, the menu was not ready yet. It still isn’t and will not be till this weekend. The gracious waiter said they have:

  • Sweet Corn Veg/ Non VegSoup
  • Chappathi
  • Parotta (Paratha)
  • Chicken Biriyani
  • Fried Rice
  • Chicken Curry
  • Fish Masala
  • Prawn Fry
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Chicken Dry Fry.

Dad was not in a mood to eat so he had the sweet corn soup while we ordered Biriyani, Prawn Fry, Chicken dry fry, chicken curry, fish masala and chappathi. The soup came promptly and the food followed without any delay. The soup was okay, a bit salty. The chappathi, according to me was processed chappathi and was not freshly made. The biriyani had a taste that was different from any biriyani I had eaten. Not exactly in a nice way. Apparently they make the special Biriyani Masala at the house of the owner in Kozhikode and transpport it everyday to Cochin. The Biriyani was not spicy, it had a distinguished garam masala added to it. They call it their ‘Secret Biriyani Formula’. We did warn them that the cochinites are not going to fall for it at all. The chicken curry was wasted coz it had a plush of tomatoes and only its tangy taste stood out surpassing spices, saltiness,sweetness and all that. The fish masala was nice and the only dish worth going back for. The biggest shock was the prawn fry  had a nice coconut and masala combination which was really nice until they billed us Rs 200 for 6 small pieces of prawn!!!!

Overall the five of us ate for Rs. 820 which is not exactly a bad deal but not worth for the food they gave us. I must admit that I will go there again in one month’s time just to see if they have improved and if this was because they did not yet have a fully functioning kitchen. That is for time to tell. Which leaves me to give the MAD VERDICT.


Location: Prominent and easily accessible.

Ambience: Neat and well lit.

Food: As of now a shame for ‘The Original’.

Service: Excellent and prompt service.

Mad points: 2/5.


  • Go after awhile and after you have heard they have settled down.
  • Tip the waiters in uniform. The owners also take orders for now so do not mistake and tip them instead!