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All is well when it rains

I love this time of the year every year. It rains. Morning..Afternoon…Night, it rains. And I love rain. I love traveliing when its raining. Listening to music and watching the rain while traveling gives me a high!

Kahaan se chale.. Kahaan ke liye.. Khabar nahi thi magar
Koi bhi sira.. Jahaan ja mila.. Wahiin tum miloge

Tum Aa Gaye Ho: Aandhi

For my Non Indian Friends…THis can be loosely transalted as “Didnt know when I was coming from and where I was going. But I knew, I’d find you where the corners meet.”

I think it is beautiful how it conveys  that everything falls in place eventually. It does, doesn’t it? “Everything that does not work out is a step closer to what will really make you happy” is not just a cliche.. Tum aa gaye ho.. Noor aa gaya hai.( You have come…the moon has shone)

I can relate this song to everything in my life. I mean everything. All my failures. All my successes. All the ties I broke. All the things that didn’t work out and those that did. Every job I quit. Every subject I flunked and cracked. Every post i wrote n deleted. Every friend I lost. Brought. Every smile. Every tear.

Me. Here. And there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

Khwaabon ke diye.. Aankho mein liye.. Wahii Aa Rahe The..
Jahaanse tumhaari sadaa aa rahii thi. 
Again roughly transalated into ” The wicks of my eyes lit up by my dreams, I was coming to you, to where your sound was coming from.”

See what I mean? I love this song. I love rain. You get the point, don’t you?

Till next time, listen to some good music, watch the rain and maybe write 🙂

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The afternoons that’ll never be

And so it was a looooooooooooooooooooooong weekend but had sooooooooooo much to do:) I’ll writ about it soon. Had to write this one today. Last evening while das and I were driving around town, having our usual chats, the radio made me listen to an old Malayalam song from the early 90’s.  It is not that I haven’t heard this song before. I’ve even hummed it quite a number of times. But today the song brought along with it a memory. Of a little girl and her mother, ears fixed on to the speakers of a cassette player. Pen and paper in hand. Amma. I dont have too many memories of her but yes this is one I’d never forget. She loved this song. It used to be in that one cassette which had a number of her favourite songs.
It used to be our afternoon pastime. Listening to old and much loved songs to take down the lyrics. She had this notepad that she used to write down lyrics on. She would play, pause, write, rewind, play and repeat. I used to learn them then, diligently as though I’d had an examination the next day! It was my way of impressing my mother. I’d always get the tune the very first time but could never get the lyrics at one go. Amma would correct my awful rendering in her smooth, beautiful voice. And I listened to her, awestruck as always.She used to sing beautifully. It is probably the only good thing I inherited from her. Those afternoons, when my brother was out or reading and my grandmother was taking her noon nap, was our time.
I used to sing at the drop of a hat, then. Now, I cant sing even when am forced to. I still remember her asking me to learn one song by myself and I did it real soon. I did it just like her. Play, pause, write, rewind, play….. It was the last one. To this day I cannot get myself to write down lyrics of songs. It hurts too much.
I miss many things in life. In fact too many things that it is probably unhealthy. Today however, this ranks supreme. The ‘our’ time. I think somewhere down the line, there are so many moments that I cherish, with so many different people. Which are simply not there anymore. And that makes it probably even more beautiful.
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“Chitti na koi sandesh..janne woh kaun sa desh…jahan tum chale gaye…”

“Marasim” means relation.  I am a music buff! Depending on my mood for the day, I listen to everything from jazz to ghazals. It was during my Bombay Summers that I first heard Jagjit Singh. I never really understood the lyrics then. I just used to sing along. Now, i know how meaningful the lyrics were. Many a times, especially when I used to feel really low in the past his songs used to make me feel good and soothe the pain. I have heard him live once, but then again it was during the time I couldn’t recognize him!!! The relation I have with this icon started when I was 4 yeArs old (young). As years went by, it deepened. From seeing his face when I was 4, to liking the way he used to sing when I was 10, to writing down lyrics of his songs and singing them without knowing the meaning when I was 14 to understanding what they meant when I was 18 to singing them to my hearts content now, my relation with this legend grew.

He will be remembered always as The Ghazal King indeed!

Dear Jagjt Singhji, you will be truly missed and remembered. May your soul rest in peace.

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>More than a friend


“You got me counting the seconds

It happens every time

I’m waiting for the moment

we can sit down and talk for a while

And every time that you’re near me my heart is running away

How can I tell you when words don’t come easy

and there is so much I’m trying to say….
I’m gonna try in the future,
not to live in the past.
I guess that I was a dreamer ,
if I thought it could ever last.
But every time that I see you,
you bring me out in the sun .
How can I hide it when we are together,
I just know that you’re the only one .
I wanna make you see everything you are to me
Try to understand
I wonder if you can that
The love I have for you will always be true…..
I wanna know that love will surround us
and you’ll share it with me every day .
Tell me you’ll care for me now and forever.
I’ll give anything to hear you say ,
that I’m more than a friend ……”

P.S- hey hero..i think i found out a way to stay as friends forever! There is really nothing much to tell me what to do and i simply do it!

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>Give me something…

>You only stay with me in the morning
You only hold me when I sleep.
I was meant to tread the water,
But now I’ve gotten in too deep.
For every piece of me that wants you,
Another piece backs away.
You give me something.
That makes me scared alright.
This could be nothing,
But I’m willing to give it a try.
Please give me something,
Because someday I might know my heart.
You only waited up for hours,
Just to spend a little time alone with me.
And I can say I’ve never bought you flowers,
I can’t work out what they mean.
I never thought that I’d love someone,
That was someone else’s dream.
Please give me something,
Because someday I might call you from my heart.
It might be a second too late.
And the words that I could never sayAre gonna come out anyway.

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>i wanna grow ol with u

>Another day Without your smile Another day just passes by But now I know How much it means For you to stay Right here with me The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger But it hurt so bad I can’t take it any longer

I wanna grow old with you I wanna die lying in your arms I wanna grow old with you I wanna be looking in your eyes I wanna be there for you Sharing everything you do I wanna grow old with you

A thousand miles between us now It causes me to wonder how Our love tonight remains so strong It makes our risk right all along
The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger But it hurt so bad I can’t take it any longer
I wanna grow old with you I wanna die lying in your arms I wanna grow old with you I wanna be looking in your eyes I wanna be there for you Sharing everything you do I wanna grow old with you
Things can come and go I know but Baby I believe Something’s burning strong between us Makes it clear to me

I wanna grow old with you I wanna die lying in your arms I wanna grow old with you I wanna be looking in your eyes I wanna be there for you Sharing everything you do I wanna grow old with you