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At First Sight

My heart skipped a beat or two when I first saw you.
Your very presence brought a smile.
I wondered how you had gotten here and who could have conspired to get you here to me.
I was curious and happy, mixed emotions.
Your father felt the same way, he told me so!

P.S-(For someone who bought a ray of hope to many people right from the minute she was born. To Lilian)

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She was on her first vacation when they met first. They ate, drank, travelled and eventually slept together. The next week, she left for home without any promises of another meeting, disappointing him. “How was your vacation” her husband asked as she unpacked. “A journey into an alternate universe” she replied with a mysterious smile.

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High Class

She always shunned the women who fell in love with men who weren’t high class. Looks and Class defined her man. She found it in a Swiss Man. They left to his land the day after their wedding: business class tickets sponsored by her parents. What she didnt know was that he was a worker in a dairy farm and was in India for a vacation he had saved up for since he was12!

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Distance between them was never an issue. Their thoughts were never similar although they were so close to each other. They contradicted each other every moment. Always striving to win over the other. The chaos created by them always put people in confusion. The chemistry they shared was yet unknown to man.

Mind and heart, funny creatures they are.

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The Making

He wanted it, badly. He wanted her to want it too.He tried convincing her that they could do it only if she believed in herself, that if they finally did it, they would have an amazing time and if not, there would have been the attempt itself, which was pleasure by itself, that making a fool of herself did not matter, that she was really good at it than she thought she was.

She finally gave into his demand.

That night they made…

Tandoori Chicken!

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What’s in a name

Everyone knew her and loved the person she was. She was unique and so was her identity. However, that November morning changed everything for her. Everything from her identity, character, life,name and her very being.So much so, that her family also changed overnight. She was now Mrs. Das.

Dedicated to someone very dear to me.


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I miss you.All the Best. Happy Birthday. Best Friend. Friends Forever. These themed cards and letters all fell on the floor, while I was  cleaning my cupboard.I wiped a tear or two and my lips curved into a silent smile. Four months since he died, these letters just made me feel he was somewhere near.